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      Ohmega-Ply – Embedded Passives Technology

              Driven by high frequency & constant pressure for miniaturization and more PCB populated
              area brings the demand for embedded passive resistor to actuality and reality.

              Ohmega - Ply technology, , has gone into this technology already in
              the 80’s of last century, by developing a resistive sheet material, as a foil with resistance
              measured in Ohms by a square definition. This resistive sheet can be processed during
              regular PCB manufacturing and include embedded passive layers which can act as pull
              up / down and termination resistors. Thus, resulting in better electronic SI and performance
              due to less Vias and stubs in the design and also in reducing over all system cost.

              To acquire more data, look at the embedded component technology in the PCB Layout folder,
              or in Ohmega’s home web page.


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