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     Assembly Checklist

             Parts Lists:

              Each component has quantity, reference designator and description
              Each component has an item file with suggested and alternate manufacturers
              Each part has its certification of materials UL-94v0
              Each part has storage instructions
              Each part has its shelf-live specification
              Object/binary code and method/programmer specified for each programmable device
              Price and availability checked for each component
              Packing alternatives

      PCB Assemblies

              Assembly notes for process
              Assembly notes for specific hardware: heat sinks, heat sink compound or composite insulators, IC sockets, consumables
              Assembly notes for all special operations (cutting, heat sinks, fans)
              Conformal coating
              Special static handling precautions required during assembly and test

Wiring Assemblies

              Required tools
              BOM for connectors
              Wire gauge checked for compatibility with each termination
              Cable ties or lacing cord shown where needed
              Length and color of each wire indicated
              Check voltage drop at maximum current with specified gauge and length for entire current path (eg. power and ground)
              Notes about application of wire terminations (technique, heat shrink tubing, amount of solder, crimp force, tools, etc.)

      Mechanical Drawings

              Standard title block and border used
              No dimensions on the material
              Every feature must have X and Y dimension, along with radius, diameter, etc.
              Every hole must be checked for alignment with mating hole(s) in other parts
              Check every hole diameter
              Tolerance for sheet metal feature position noted
              Tolerance for sheet metal hole size noted
              Specify material
              Specify finish
              Specify units
              Specify debur or brush
              Details for special operations
              File name on each sheet
              CAD layers shown on drawing
              All hardware specified and listed on parts list
              Screw lengths checked; extra thread required for fasteners (nut, lockwasher, washer)
              Hole diameters checked for each screw
              Tapped hole thread details indicated

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