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     Do you want a neat and low cost fast turn around PCB? (March 2009)

             80% of the PCBs can be designed with standard design rules which, in turn, will be easy and fast to manufacture.

             Those design rules are detailed below:

 Guideline or restriction
 Minimum signal trace/space
 0.125/0.125 mm (5/5 mils)
 Minimum body to body distance
 0.3 mm (12 mils)
 Plane or trace with sufficient width e.g. 1mm (40 mils) for 1A
 Minimum via
 0.6mm pad with 0.3 mm hole (24/12 mils)
 Minimum plated hole
 0.2 mm (12 mils)
 Minimum annular ring
 0.125 mm (5 mils)
 Minimum drill to copper
 0.2 mm (8 mils)
 Solder mask
 Green LPI
 Silkscreen pen width
 0.125 mm (5 mils)
 0.5-1 oz
 PCB thickness
 1.6 mm (62 mils) ±10%
Immersion gold

             For the rest 20% PCB contact us here.


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