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       Strength & Expertise

              Schematic review
              Broad application understanding
              Full turnkey
              Fast response time
              PCB manufacturing process
              Signal Integrity
              Schematic simulation
              PCB footprint library management


              PCB design guidelines
              Online checklist status
              PCB manufacturer selection
              Manufacturing Tolerances
              Manufacturing Standards
              Electrical Testing
        PCB Cost Reduction

              BOM review
              Design for Manufacture
              Design for Test
              Design for Assembly
              Space Optimization
              Optimization of packages
              Second source preparation
              Component types review
       Design for Manufacture

              Panelization and Multi-Panel support
             • Footprint shapes related to the technology in use
              Finish according to technology & automation

       Design for Test

              Mutual definition of tools to be used
             • Pull up/down of elements according to function
              Grounding and voltages TP
              Review of test coverage

       Space Optimization

             • Component Placement according to defined standards
             • Equal distribution of copper
             • Add vias, grids where possible
             • Pre-defined pad shapes
             • Usage of both sides
             • Visit our Predictability of PCB Layout Density page

       PCB Libraries

             • Building a precise and reliable PCB Footprint library
               acoording to Datasheet and IPC 3 levels design rules
              Maintenance of customer PCB Footprint library
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