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              Adcom PCB layout team is highly experienced and trained in a wide variety of PCB layout designs.
              Adcom is working with 2 main tools, Mentor Graphics - Expedition and Cadence - Allegro, implementing the smallest
              and tightest design rules which are required by some of the customers, and are still manufacturable.
              Adcom PCB Team supports the customer from building the footprint library, placing the components with regard to
              constraints and net connections; through the route of the board with the best applicable design rules for DFM/DFA and FDT.
              References are available.

     Predictability of PCB Layout Density

               Tool presentation
               Download Demo Tool

     Design Services

               What do we need for quotation?                                                                                   Adcom Layout Services were used for Opgal's
               PCB Design Services                                                                                                        small size thermal imaging camera design
               Our PCB Layout tools

      Embedded Components Technologies

               Why? How?
               Embedded Resistors
               Design & Schematic
               PCB Layout Design
               Step 8 in the Manufacturing


               01005 Assembly
               Low cost PCB Design


               OhmegaPly Design Guide
               OhmegaPly Presentation
               Embedded Passives (in Hebrew)
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