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      The ADSD Family of Step Down DC/DC

             The ADSD family is a Switch Mode Power Supply Step Down module with standard output voltages,
             high efficiency (80-92%), which can supply up to 3A. The output voltage can be factory adjustable to
             any required value in the operating range of 1.3V ÷ Vin-3V.

             The power supply module can be designed to any form factor required.

             The ADSD family has excellent cost/performance ratio.


             · Input Voltage:                          4.5 ÷ 28VDC
             · Output Voltage:                       1 .3V ÷ Vin-3V
             · Output Voltage stability:        ±2% over temperature
             · Maximum Output Current:    3A
             · Operating Temperature:       -40ºC ÷ 85ºC


             · ADSD01043030-xx

             · ADSD78043030-xx
               TO-220 footprint; 78xx pin out

             · ADSDCS043030-xx
                Any required form factor

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 ADSD Family Datasheet

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