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       The PCIEX is fast 32-bit PCI bus extender. It enables isolation of a PCI card from the PCI bus by disconnecting all bus
 signals and power        lines from the PCI card under test. Bus isolation is done by low resistance, low capacitance and low propagation delay switches.
       High speed layout and signal integrity of all signals were considered during the design and PCB layout.


              32-bit PCI slot
              Bus switching by toggle switch or pushbutton (factory preset)
              Bus signals and power lines are fully isolated while in OFF stage
              Ability for reset injection into RESET line of PCI card under test
             • 10 LED indicators of power lines before and after the switches for 5V, 3.3V, VIO, 12V and -12V
              Overload protection by thermal fuses on all power lines
              The card under test signals are switched off until power is stabilized
              Hot Insertion Capability: Only signal bus will be isolated when bus isolate switch is off

       Electrical Specifications

              Propagation delay of the signal switches: 0.25nsec typical
              Propagation delay of the power switches: 30nsec typical
              Switches status after power up - User selectable:
                                                                • Signals - ON   Power - ON
                                                                • Signals - OFF Power - ON
                                                                • Signals - OFF Power - OFF
              Optional on-board 3.3V/0.5A regulator
              Play Ground area for user prototyping

       Physical Specifications

              Dimension: 140 x 120 mm
              Operating Temperature: 0°C-70°C

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