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      Specification for EVB of PIC18xxxx

             Adcom PIC EVB board provides a stable platform for developing powerful user application with a PIC18xxxx family.
             The EVB provides interfaces to multiple electronic functions and devices. By using Adcom Ltd. EVB the developer will
             be able to focus on his application tasks without bothering on the low level hardware application.
             The EVB concept is based on a main board hosting all functions and an add – on daughter card hosting any member
             of the PIC18xxxx family. In addition, an expansion connector is available on the main board for further user specific

      Highlights for PIC18xxxx family EVB


    • On-board 5V, 3.3V and Adjustable
      Voltages of 1.2V to 12V power supplies
    • 4 Programmable power supplies via
      USB connection

    NAND flash memory
    SPI Flash memory
    Parallel NOR flash memory
    SD socket
    I/O Interfaces

    • Various communication interfaces
    • Human Button touch interface
    • On board display
   Analog Interfaces

    Digital to Analog converter
    Analog signal inputs

      EVB Specifications


            On-board 5V, 3.3V and Adjustable Voltages of 1.2V to 12V power supplies
            5V/1A fixed
            3.3V/0.5A fixed
            1.2V-12V/0.5A Adjustable
            0V-10V/0.25A 4 independent Programmable power supplies @ increments of ~ 50mV

             I/O Interfaces

            RS-232 interface
            USB 2.0 Full Speed interface
            SPI and I2C interface
            In circuit debugger (ICD) connector
            Eight push buttons for general purpose use
            LCD display

             Analog Interfaces

            8 outputs Digital to Analog converter
            4 Analog signal inputs via SMA connectors
            Audio power amplifier output


            128Mbit NAND Flash memory
            32Mbit SPI Flash memory
            64Kbit I2C EEPROM
            16Mbit parallel NOR Flash memory
            SD socket – for memory card

        We currently support:

           • PIC18F87J50
           • PIC18LF4550
           • PIC18xxxxxx – by customer request


           • Main & daughter card
           • 12V power supply
           • USB cable
           • User Manual
           • S/W drivers
           • Schematics

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