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      Lumenis - Aluma RF Tester

             Lumenis, push the boundaries of laser aesthetics.
Leading developer, manufacturer and seller of medical laser and light-based devices, used for a variety
             of applications.
             Lumenis Company holds hundreds of patents and FDA clearness has proven the effectiveness of their
             products in clinical studies, more than any other aesthetic technology company in the world.
             Their products remove hair; rejuvenate skin: pigmented and vascular lesions, leg veins, fine lines and
             wrinkles, skin tightening, using variety of innovative technologies as IPL and Lasers.
             Lumenis launched th
e Aluma skin Renewal System, for non-invasive virtually painless treatment of
             fine lines and wrinkles with predictable outcomes. The technology, combination of  Vacuum + Radio
             Frequency (RF), was proven in clinical studies to improve skin texture and laxity, the use of Bipolar
increase safety, minimizing pain while vacuum controls the volume of target tissue treated, ensuring
             efficacy and best results.
             The Aluma RF tester was designed by Adcom Ltd. to provide a full testing solution to the product prior
             to be shipped to the customers, as it was a second generation of testers. its aim was to solve known
             problems as well as improve user interface.

      Elements tested:

             • Switching Regulator Power Supply Module +24V
             • Potentiometer 10K
             RMS Level
             • Resistance
             Power Supply - 12V

       Main concerns:

             • Keep the tester simple
             • Not changing testing procedure
             • Make it User Friendly
             • Make the tester durable, lasting and trust-worthy tool

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