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      CCD Board Development

The SCOUT is a fully integrated, high performance 0.18μm CMOS VGA image sensor that features integrated timing, control,
             and analog signal processing for digital imaging applications.

             Short description:

The SCOUT provides Tower Semiconductor LTD with a complete imaging solution process and technology vehicle and other
                R&D and marketing needs. System benefits enable the design of a small, portable, low cost, and low power system, making
                the SCOUT suitable for a variety of tests and characterization applications.
                The imaging pixels are based on active CMOS pixels using standard Nwell photodiode or advance photodiodes.
                A maximum frame rate of 30 FPS at full resolution is achievable. The frame rate is completely adjustable, independent of the
                system clock. Each pixel on the sensor is individually addressable.

              The sensor contains 640X480 active pixels (307,200) with an additional 12 columns and 32 rows of dark pixels and isolation
                pixels. The pixels comprise color filters (RGB Bayer pattern) and µLens layers.

              The module is fully flexible in terms of internal timing and voltages and is configured with a serial I²C interface.
                The pixel analog data is read using an analog output buffer and the conversion to digital domain is executed employing an
                external ADC. A frame grabber is subsequently used to format the data. The sensor has imaging capabilities up to 30 frames
                per second. The output of the frame grabber can interface to a PC or any other screening H/W.

              The sensor requires 1.8V supply voltage for internal logic core and a nominal 3.3V supply voltage to the analog circuitry and I/Os.
                Other pixel support supplies levels can be externally injected to the sensor.
                The sensor supports several imaging modes such as continuous, single frame, rolling and global shutter modes of operation.

                Basic Block Diagram:

 Hardware Requirements

             Small Board (10cm X 10cm)
             USB 2.0 Interface (includes power supply 6V/400mA
             USB2.0 to I²C bridging
             On board supplies:
                       • VDD_D (1.8V ±10%, 50mA)
                        VDD_A (2.4V – 4V, 50mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • VDD_I (3.3V ±10%, 50mA)
                       • VDD_SF (1.6V – 4V, 10mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • VDD_AR (1.6V – 4V, 10mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
             On board analog voltage references:
                       • V_REF (0.5V – 2.5V, 10mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • V_RST_H (1.6V – 5.5V, 1mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                        V_RST_L (-0.5V – 1.5V, 1mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • V_TX_H (1.6V – 5.5V, 1mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • V_TX_L (-0.5V – 1.5V, 1mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V
                       • V_5T_H (0.5V – 5.5V, 1mA), trimmable via I²C, steps of 0.1V

       Software Requirements

             Complete I²C control (read and write) – controlled through GUI
                       • Scout internal registers
                       • Voltages levels
                       • PGA
                        Offset control
                       • ADC
             Video at variable frame rate (from 1 fps to 30 fps, in 1 fps increments) – view picture on screen including color interpolation
                or color plain separation.
             Single frame capture and sequential frame capture Interactive histogram of pixel values in entire frame or selected part on
                the picture.
             Excel file that defines settings in SCOUT and controls the system so that frames with different settings can be run in series


       PCB Layout:











       PC User Interface:

       Picture Captured from device:
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