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Programmable USB Keyboard

             Adcom Programmable USB Keyboard is a reliable Keyboard design tool which
             provides simple and fast hardware and software developing capabilities for any
             form factor of a keyboard required.

             There is always a possibility of expansion, or inserting functions by customer request.

        General Features:

             Plug & Play
             Up to 128 function keys
             Programmable Functionalities by Scan-Codes
             Optional HUB for additional 3 USB 2.0 ports
             Flexible Form Factors
             Unique ID Code for each keyboard

             Adcom will provide a full application design including schematic, reference design,
             full data base and tested prototypes per customer specification.

        Electrical Features:

Single chip design
             3.3V-5V operation
             Variable voltages upon request
             Customization per customer spec
             Operating Temperature range -40°C to + 85°C

             The Programmable USB keyboard is a simple low cost interactive interface to
             any existing product.


             User Manual
             S / W drivers

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